Artist and Poet

Custom Valentine Cards

Nothing says “Amour” like a …

Wayne Gagnon Valentine Greeting Card

…custom made for YOUR loved one. Order yours SOON, before the rush.

As an added bonus, you will get (at no extra charge) an over-the-top-sappy-quirky poem (also tailored for your special sig-other) inside the card.

For $8 you get…

  • A 4.25 by 5.5 greeting card with an original Wayne Gagnon sketch.
  • YOU get to suggest what is on the sketch.
  • Inside will be a 4-line poem (over-the-top-sappy-quirky) tailored to YOUR loved one.
  • YOU provide suggestions for the poem.
  • The poem will be hand-typed on Wayne’s Smith-Corona Profile manual typewriter.
  • Card color choices are Cyan or Hot Pink.
  • Wayne will mail the card directly to your loved one or to YOU for hand-delivery.

The fine print: This offer expires February 10, 2011.  Because Wayne is dependent on the US Postal System, he CANNOT guarantee delivery for February 14, 2011.  So, get your order in SOON.  All cards will be G-Rated and the FUN is in the surprise of the final product.

For more information, or to order, please email Wayne at wagagnon@gott.net.  If ordering, please provide the following information about your love one…

  • Name and mailing address (Wayne will NOT share this information.)
  • They’re relation to you (friend, lover, spouse, etc…)
  • Favorite animal or inanimate object
  • Any interests or quirks that would define your special person and can be incorporated into a poem.
  • Card color: Hot Pink, Lime Green, Yellow or Orange

Ahhh, viva l’amour!


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