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Giada and the Royals

Wayne Gagnon - Giada Giada De Laurentiis

“Giada and the Royals”
By Wayne Gagnon
(for Giada De Laurentiis)

Giada, Giada…
…please cook for the Prince
He’s playing some polo…
…(and) there’s food you must mince

Giada, Giada…
…the Princess needs lunch
She’s watching the ponies…
…(she) needs something to munch

Giada, Giada…
…crostini, so bright
Your guests, they will rave…
…(at) this toasted delight

Giada, Giada…
…chopped salad with shrimp
The Princess is looking…
…(take) a moment to primp

Giada, Giada…
…Chicken Milanese
The Royals will love it…
…(and) applaud (your) expertise

Giada, Giada…
…the Prince will be late
He’s playing a match…
…please save him a plate

Giada, Giada…
…your best you have shown
(a) Taste of California…
…for the heir to the Throne

Note:  This poem and picture are being used by Womentorz (www.womentorz.com) and Mommy Perks (www.mommyperks.com).  These two groups teamed up to celebrate “the honor Giada De Laurentiis has been given as the celebrity chef for the royal couple at The Foundation Polo Challenge.”

The hand-drawn picture and the poem (hand-typed on Wayne’s manual Smith Corona) have been combined into a greeting card.  This card will be delivered directly to Ms. De Laurentiis as part of a Celeb Hoopla gift pack given to her by these Womentors and Mommy Perks.

For more information on their efforts, go Mommy Perks and Womentorz.  Thank you Erika, from Tutu Pour Mon Deux, for letting me tag along for this wild ride.

Editorial UPDATE: This poem was written based on an earlier menu press release. And, it was thought that the Prince was going to miss the meal because of a polo match. I’d rather not change things now.

Nine Cards (06-27-2011)

Wayne Gagnon - Nine Cards

Nine Cards (06-27-2011)
Ink on nine 2×3 inch recycled cardboard
©2011 Wayne A. Gagnon

Note: Sitting on the Granby Common, listening to a brass band play music from West Side Story. Ahhh… Summer! (And… Yes, that is a princess-cat-centaur-appaloosa.)

Home Happiness Love

Wayne Gagnon - Home Happiness Love
Home, Happiness, Love
8 x 10 inch, Ink & Colored Pencil on Bristol Board
Private Commission
©2011 Wayne Gagnon

Note: Commissioned as a gift from a friend to his wife. Given a prompt (five pieces of paper with the words “home,” “happiness,” “love,” “is,” and “and”), this sketch was the result. The five scraps of paper are included in the piece.

Wayne Gagnon 2011 Calendar (June)

Note: These sketches were drawn one morning while sitting on a Provincetown beach sipping coffee from the “Wired Puppy.” Ahhh, the Summer of 2010.

Wayne Gagnon - June Calendar

Four Leaf Treasure

Some treasures are far more valuable…
…when you give them away.

Wayne Gagnon - Four Leaf Clover

Purplephant (at Charter Days 2011)

This painting, Purplephant, is available at Granby (MA) Charter Days (2011) for their “Silent Auction”.  Granby Charter Days runs June 10, 11, 12, 2011. Bids on this one start at a wonderfully low $40.   Bidding is opens Saturday.  Winning bidder will be announced on Sunday, June 12.

Wayne Gagnon - Purplephant (Purple Elephant)

Acrylic on Plywood
8.75 x 11

Starting Bid: $40

Nine Cards (06-08-2011)

Wayne Gagnon - Nine Cards

Nine Cards (06-27-2011)
Ink on nine 2×3 inch recycled cardboard
©2011 Wayne A. Gagnon

Note: These cards were created as part of Project Snail Mail – Part 2. Wayne put out a Facebook call where the first nine responders would get one of these cards delivered via Snail Mail (aka the US Postal System).

Flaming Axe

Wayne Gagnon - Flaming Axe

Flaming Axe
12 x 24 inch, acrylic and axe on wood
©2011 Wayne Gagnon

Wine and Jelly

(for Kelley <grin>)

Dahlin’, my Dahlin’…
…what shall we do?
We’ve sipped all this wine…
…and there’s just me and you.

The vino is gone…
…it’s down in our bellies.
Now we’re just left…
…with jars of red jellies.

My mind, it is racing…
…(with) ideas, quite grand.
Possibilities are endless…
…(with) much time at hand.

And now our next step…
…I hes’tate to utter.
You get some bread…
…(and) I’ll get peanut butter!