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A (tragic) Haiku-ish Day

SPLAT!  Across the road
On a cool, clear summer morn’
A cup of Starbucks

Man against nature
Within the cubical walls
And the cockroach lost

Note: These poems are actually Senryu, which are similar to Haiku in the 5-7-5 syllable structure, yet differs in that it deals with the amusing side of human nature and experiences rather than nature.

Early Lunch, 10:30am

“Early Lunch, 10:30am”
by Wayne Gagnon

Coffee’s cold…
…lunch is gone…
…(oh) what am I to do?
Mic the joe…
…grab a snack…
…(and) write a poem for you!

Sticks and stones…
…won’t break (my) bones…
…(when) used for hikes and walls.
Jill and Jack…
…won’t be back…
…(they’re) stuck in shopping malls.

Groovy Pants

Wayne Gagnon - Groovy Pants

Groovy Pants
3.5 x 4.75 inch, Bic 4-Color Ballpoint Pens (Classic & Fashion Colors) in Sketchpad
©2011 Wayne Gagnon

Let’s Talk

“Let’s Talk”
by Wayne Gagnon
(for michelle)

Let’s talk…
…of art & film & music
…of pints & slices & roasted corn salsa
…of presents & pasts & futures
…of love & disdain & all in between
…of unwelcome notes & sensible shoes & a spitting maul
…of dreams & desires & plans
Let’s talk, my friend.

Abbey-ish Road

Wayne Gagnon - Abbey Road

Note: August 8 is the anniversary of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover photo shoot.

Wayne Gagnon 2011 Calendar (August)

Wayne Gagnon - August 2011 Calendar


I built a man…
…out of marshmallows…
…and graham crackers…
…and chocolate.

I named him Lester.

I guess you could say…
…Les is s’more.

Nine Cards (08-03-2011)

Wayne Gagnon - Nine Cards

Nine Cards (08-3-2011)
Ink on nine 2×3 inch recycled cardboard
©2011 Wayne A. Gagnon

Note: These cards were created as part of Project Snail Mail 3. Wayne put out a Facebook call where the first nine responders would get one of these cards delivered via Snail Mail (aka the US Postal System).


Wayne Gagnon - Coffee Smile

by Wayne Gagnon

The sun is high
My coffee’s cold…
…(instant from a jar)

A heavy sigh
My heart foretold…
(of) places near and far