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Thoughts and Wishes (2012)

“Thoughts and Wishes (2012)”

by Wayne Gagnon

Failures? I’ve collected a few.
Successes? Yup, one thousand (plus two).

Challenges? I’ve been put to the test.
Victories? I’m certainly blessed.

Tears? I rather not say.
Smiles? Make a sunnier day.

Dreams? I do have a bunch.
Plans? Let’s do coffee (or lunch).

Hopes? Skies, sunny and blue.
Wishes? A Good Year for you.

Wayne Gagnon - 2012 Wish

Rushing the Maple Man

“Rushing the Maple Man”

by Wayne Gagnon
(for Jamie)

Maple Man…
…tap a tree.
(my) Pancakes wait…
…one, two, three

Maple Man…
…collect that sap.
I need oatmeal…
…before my nap.

Maple Man…
…fire is roasty.
Boil and Boil…
…for my French toasty.

Maple Man…
…(my) squash needs sweet.
Bottle it up…
…all tidy and neat.

Maple Man…
…you’re running late.
Please don’t make…
…my taste buds wait.

Mommy, Sister, Texas

“Mommy, Sister, Texas”

by Wayne Gagnon
(for Allie and Tammy)

Hey mommy!  Hey sister!
Where are you going?
We’re headed for Texas…
…as spring winds start blowing.

Dear sister!  Dear sister!
What will you do?
I’ll chase down some cattle…
…and rope one or two.

Hey sister!  Hey mommy!
What will you wear?
Hats, boots and denim…
…and shades for the glare.

Dear mommy!  Dear Mommy!
What is your plan?
I’ll watch, help and cheer…
…and perhaps get a tan.

Hey sister!  Hey sister!
What else will you pack?
My pony named “Bull”…
…and some vino and tack.

Dear mommy!  Dear mommy!
When will you be home?
When we’re done being cowgirls…
…with no cash to roam.

Hey mommy!  Hey sister!
Where are you going?
We’re headed for Texas…
…as spring winds start blowing.

Such a Lovely

“Such a Lovely”

by Wayne Gagnon
(for Spencer)

Such a lovely hat (my friend)!
You’re quite a guy. You set the trend.

Such a lovely scarf (my pal)!
Impress the crowd? Oh, yes, you shall.

Such a lovely coat (my mate)!
We all look dull, and you look great.

Such a lovely tune (my friend)!
You play it well, begin to end.



by Wayne Gagnon
(for Sam)

PUDDLES are such fun…
…in hot and humid sun.

PuDdLeS are a drag…
…inside a shopping bag.

PUDdles have no place…
…in deepest, darkest space.

What would puddles be…
…at the bottom of the sea?



by Wayne Gagnon
(for Daniel and Julianne)

Your ‘cycles and buses…
…and fast ticking clocks.
From school to your job…
…it’s quite a few blocks.

Such busy, such bustle…
…midnight and midday.
(Hey!) The train’s heading west…
…I’ll meet you half-way!

Despite snow, rain or sleet…
…or icy-cold crunch.
We’ll have dinner or tea…
…or breakfast or lunch.

(We’ll) trade presents and stories…
…we’ll have coffee and pie.
We’ll climb to the rooftop…
…and watch the night sky.

We’ll leave late if you want…
…no need to hurry.
I’m your ride to the east…
…no trouble.  No worry.

Your visits seem short…
…(even) when they’re extended.
How was our visit?…
…I’ll answer, “Quite splendid!”

(Iraq) War is Over

(Iraq) War is Over. We’ll be arguing about this war for a long, long time. For now, just for a moment, let’s set aside the politics of this war. For now, let’s forget about which side of the war debate we are on. For now, remember that those who came back healthy deserve our respect. Remember that those who came back mentally or physically injured deserve our help. Remember that those who paid the ultimate price deserve to rest in peace. We can debate later. For now, let’s wish everyone a safe trip home. (WAG)

Wayne Gagnon - March 20, 2003 (Dove)
“March 20, 2003: What Now?”
6 x 6 ft, acrylic on plywood
© 2005, Wayne Gagnon

Animals (from the Unicorn Song)

Green alligators and long necked geese…

Wayne Gagnon - Unicorn Song - AlligatorWayne Gagnon - Unicorn Song - Goose

…humpty-back camels and some chimpanzees…

Wayne Gagnon - Unicorn Song - CamelWayne Gagnon - Unicorn Song - Chimpanzee

…cats and rats…

Wayne Gagnon - Unicorn Song - CatWayne Gagnon - Unicorn Song - Rat

…and elephants, as sure as you’re born.
And the loveliest of all was the unicorn.

Wayne Gagnon - Unicorn Song - ElephantWayne Gagnon - Unicorn Song - Unicorn

Animals fom the Unicorn Song (1 through 8)
Ink on Canson Bristol Board, 4×6 inches each
©2011 Wayne A. Gagnon

Tonite and Tomorrow

“Tonite and Tomorrow”

by Wayne Gagnon
(for Zach)

Crisp and bubbly wine…
…will please them with its sparkle.
They’ll fill their endless night…
…with epic games of Farkel.

Strong and black-ish coffee…
…will slowly brew and darkle.
If meows don’t wake them up…
…perhaps a sudden bark’ll.

NOTE: Zach challenged me to write a poem using the words “sparkle” and “darkle.”

Nine Cards (12-06-2011) – Project Snail Mail 4

Nine Cards (12-06-2011) – Project Snail Mail 4
Ink on nine 2×3 inch recycled cardboard
©2011 Wayne A. Gagnon

Note: These cards were created as part of Project Snail Mail 4. Wayne put out a Facebook call where the first nine responders would get one of these cards delivered via Snail Mail (aka the US Postal System).