Artist and Poet

Wand’ring Mister Elephant

Wayne Gagnon - Wandering Mr. Elephant

Wand’ring Mister Elephant
Bic Ballpoint Pen in Sketchbook #36, Digital Color
(3.5×4.75 inch)
©2012 Wayne Gagnon

“Wand’ring Mister Elephant”

By Wayne Gagnon (a vicarious traveler)

Wand’ring Mister Elephant…
…you travel here and there.
You swim beneath the ocean…
…and float high in the air.

Wand’ring Mister Elephant…
…you travel South and West.
You share exciting stories…
…of every little quest.

Wand’ring Mister Elephant…
…you travel near and far.
You send me lots of postcards…
…to tell me where you are.

Wand’ring Mister Elephant…
…you travel North and East.
Visit me next April…
…I’ll treat you to a feast.

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