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Tammy’s AQHA Ranch Horse Schedule

Wayne Gagnon - Yankee Cowgirl

Granby, MA – Local Cowgirl Tammy Sapowsky is riding her awesome steed Bull (aka Haidas Olena) in the 2012 Pfizer Versatility Ranch Horse and AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championship.

Her competition number is 2163.

Here is her schedule of events. There is a live stream of all events at the AQHA website.

Thursday, March 1 @ 4 p.m. Texas time (5 p.m. eastern time)

Amateur Ranch Cutting (Results: Exciting 8-th place !!!)

Friday, March 2 @ 9 a.m. Texas time (10 a.m. eastern time)

Amateur Trail (Results: Spectacular 7-th place !!!)
Amateur Ranch Riding (Results: RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION !!!)

Saturday, March 3 @ 9 a.m. Texas time (10 a.m. eastern time)

Amateur Ranch Conformation (Results: SUPER 7-th place !!!)
Amateur Working Ranch (Results: Electric 8-th place !!!)

OVERALL: Exhilarating 8-th place !!!

More information…

Link to live stream
Springfield Republican article
American Quarter Horse Association site
Full schedule of events
Yankee Cowgirl

Valentine for a Bestest Friend

Wayne Gagnon - Valentine

Wayne Gagnon - Valentine

Valentine for a Bestest Friend
Ink on candy box (2.5×3.5 inch each)
©2012 Wayne Gagnon


She supplied the cardboard. I supplied the art.

Yankee Cowgirl

Wayne Gagnon - Yankee Cowgirl

“Yankee Cowgirl”
by Wayne Gagnon
(For Tammy)

Cowgirl Tammy…
…heads down South…
…with faithful steed in tow.

She’ll show them how…
…the Yankees ride.
They’ll soon be eating crow.


My Cowgirl Sister Tammy is riding in the 2012 AQHA Pfizer Versatility Ranch Horse World Show March 1-3, 2012.

One, Two, Four

Wayne Gagnon - Jessica Alba Cash Warren

“One, Two, Four”

by Wayne Gagnon
(For Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, Honor and Haven)

Sweet Jess and  handsome Cash…
…their romance quickly grew.
What started as one and one…
…became a Terrific Two.

Miss Honor and Miss Haven…
…came knocking at the door.
Now this growing family…
…became a Fantastic Four.


This poem and picture are being used by Tutu pour Mon Deux as part of a celebrity gifting package for Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and their growing family.

Dem Babies

Wayne Gagnon - Moroccan Monroe Nick Cannon Mariah Carey

“Dem Babies”

by Wayne Gagnon
(For Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon,
Moroccan and Monroe)

Dem Babies are such lovelies!
Proud Mom and loving Dad.
Giggles when they’re happy…
…tears when they are sad.

Dem Babies are quite wondrous!
Proud Dad and loving Mom.
They rock and roll all daytime…
…nighttime, keep them calm.

Dem Babies are n’credible!
Sweet Roe and handsome Roc.
They bring such joy (and laundry)…
…bright smiles (and dirty socks)

Dem Babies are such visions!
Dear Roc and pretty Roe.
Such love, you can’t deny…
…from tops to every toe


This poem and picture are being used by Tutu pour Mon Deux as part of a celebrity gifting package for Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and their growing family.

Discovering Ophelia

O, woe is me, T’ have seen what I have seen, see what I see!” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Wayne Gagnon - Discovering Ophelia

Discovering Ophelia
Acrylic on canvas, 10 x 14 inches
©2012 Wayne Gagnon

Wayne Gagnon - Discovery (Ophelia)

(study for Discovering Ophelia)
Bic Ballpoint Pen
(3.5×4.75 inch)
©2012 Wayne Gagnon

The Beast Won’t Go To Sleep

“Ah the moon’s too bright
The chain’s too tight
The beast won’t go to sleep…
”  — Leonard Cohen, I’m Your Man

Wayne Gagnon - The Beast Won't Go To Sleep

The Beast Won’t Go To Sleep
Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 inches
©2012 Wayne Gagnon

Today (or Yesterday)

“Today (or Yesterday)”

by Wayne Gagnon

Twisted turn, whatever for?
(go) Up the stairs, unlock the door.
Abandoned pot soaks in the sink.
Sleepless night. Too much to think.

Wayne Gagnon - Today or Yesterday

Today (or Yesterday)
Bic 4-Color Ballpoint Pen (Classic & Fashion Colors) in Sketchbook #36
(3.5×4.75 inch)
©2012 Wayne Gagnon