Artist and Poet

Dem Babies

Wayne Gagnon - Moroccan Monroe Nick Cannon Mariah Carey

“Dem Babies”

by Wayne Gagnon
(For Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon,
Moroccan and Monroe)

Dem Babies are such lovelies!
Proud Mom and loving Dad.
Giggles when they’re happy…
…tears when they are sad.

Dem Babies are quite wondrous!
Proud Dad and loving Mom.
They rock and roll all daytime…
…nighttime, keep them calm.

Dem Babies are n’credible!
Sweet Roe and handsome Roc.
They bring such joy (and laundry)…
…bright smiles (and dirty socks)

Dem Babies are such visions!
Dear Roc and pretty Roe.
Such love, you can’t deny…
…from tops to every toe


This poem and picture are being used by Tutu pour Mon Deux as part of a celebrity gifting package for Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and their growing family.

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