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Samichlaus Labels

A co-worker is a serious home beer brewer. He was working on a Samichlaus beer for Christmas 2013. He started the batch a year ago.

Samichlaus is one of the strongest lager beers in the world, at 14% alcohol by volume. The name means Santa Claus in Swiss German. — Wikipedia

He asked me to design his labels that would involve renaming the beer to Daddychlaus as well as include a crazy picture of him and his two sons.

Wayne Gagnon - Samichlaus Label

The fun part: He payed me in beer. GOTTA love the barter system!

Wayne Gagnon - Samichlaus Bottles

Souvenir (Snow)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Snow

Noël Bohème

Wayne Gagnon - Noel Boheme - Noël Bohème

Noël Bohème
30×80 inch, mixed media
(acrylic on scrap lumber w/ ornaments)
©2012 Wayne A. Gagnon

NOTE: The jar below contains pieces of Christmas tree from my friends and family.

Souvenir (Light)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Light

More Santa Ornaments

Wayne Gagnon - Santa Ornaments 2012

8 Santa Ornaments
2×3 inch (each), acrylic on wood
©2012 Wayne A. Gagnon

Wayne Gagnon - Daisy

Souvenir (Cuidado)

Wayne Gagnon - Souveir Poem - Pise con Cuidado

Souvenir (One Load)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - One Load

“I felt compelled whilst doing laundry – one load at a time,” said Kelley.  “Just how time consuming laundry really is in single load washer.”

Martian Cats

Wayne Gagnon - Martian Cats

Martian Cats
2×3 inch (each), acrylic on wood (with a magnet on back)
©2012 Wayne A. Gagnon

NOTE: Nothing says “Thank You” like Hand-painted Martian Cat Refrigerator Magnets. These cat paintings are end-of-year gifts for the programmers and testers at UMass Amherst OIT Computer Classrooms.

Souvenir (Needs)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Needs

Souvenir (Pet Name)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Pet Name

Souvenir (Hornet)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Hornet


Souvenir (Rescue)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Rescue