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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Souvenir (Picnics)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Pony Picnic Cowgirl Cowboy

Note: Katie was kind enough (or daring enough) to let me ride her horse, Snip.

Lost (and Found?)

Wayne Gagnon - Painting - Lost and Found
Lost (and Found?)
4×8 inch
Acrylic on wood
©2013 Wayne Gagnon

Souvenir (Radio)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Radio, Beach, cheese, tag sale

Souvenir (Snazziness)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Snazziness -

Ken’s Card

Apparently Ken appreciated his sketch card he received in the mail…

Wayne Gagnon - Sketch Card - Ken Molnar - Thumbs up - Turtle.
Photo by Ken Molnar

Nine Cards (08-05-2013) – On the Beach

Wayne Gagnon - Nine Cards - On the Beach - Brewster, MA

Nine Cards: On the Beach (06-27-2013)
Ink on nine 2×3 inch recycled cardboard
©2013 Wayne A. Gagnon

Note: These cards were drawn at Breakwater Beach in Brewtser, MA. They were created as part of Project Snail Mail 7. Wayne put out a Facebook call where the first nine responders would get one of these cards delivered via Snail Mail (aka the US Postal System).

Wayne Gagnon - Nine Cards - Brewster MA