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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Winter Wine Glasses (2013)

For our office End of Year Review (luncheon), fellow artist Fred Zinn and I painted snow people on wine glasses.  They were used as part of the center piece arrangements.

Wayne Gagnon - Winter Snow People Snowman wine glasses

For about two weeks, we spent our lunches painting and discussing art and such.  Between the two of us, we painted thirty glasses.


Unfortunately, no wine was consumed during the production process.

Fred has yet to post images of his wine glasses.  To see some of his other work, click here.


Wayne Gagnon - Sketch Card - Krampus
2×3 inch, ink on scrap cardboard, digital color
©2013 Wayne Gagnon

Scrap Art (Coffee Bear)

Wayne Gagnon - Scrap Art - Coffee Bear
Coffee Bear
3×5.75 inches, acrylic on scrap plywood
©2013 Wayne Gagnon

Note: As Ken and I were leaving the Thirsty Mind (a coffee shop in South Hadley, MA), he found a piece of scrap plywood in the street. I couldn’t help but paint something for my coffee companion. (Click here if you want to see some of Ken Molnar‘s art.)

Scrap Art (Purple Turtle)

Wayne Gagnon - Scrap Art - Purple Turtle
Purple Turtle
3.5×4 inch (approx), acrylic on scrap wood
©2013 Wayne Gagnon