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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Scrap Art (Shall We Tango, My Dear?)

Wayne Gagnon - Scrap Art - Shall We Tango, My Dear?
Shall We Tango, My Dear?
4×5 inch (approx)
BIC 4-Color Ball Point Pen on doughnut box flap
©2014 Wayne Gagnon

Granby Recycle Day

I spent a week working (late into the nights) on a 7×11 foot painting to adorn a storage POD at Recycle Day in Granby, MA. It was unveiled on a cloudy Saturday morning (10/18/2014) at Granby’s East Meadow School.

Wayne Gagnon - Painting, mural, recycle, canvas, community

Souvenir (Great)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Great - pup trouples fade away

Nick and Jen

Wayne Gagnon - Sketch - Nick and Jenn - Wedding, bride, groom