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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Stella Casually

Wayne Gagnon - Painting - Stella Casually, Nude Female
Stella Casually
30×24 inch, Acrylic on canvas
©2015 Wayne Gagnon

NOTE:  Stella Casually was part of a group exhibit called TRIPLE SSS 2015: Sensual, Sexual, Smut at Nina’s Nook in Turners, MA.  The opening reception for Triple SSS 2015 was Saturday, Feb 7, 2015.  Go to the Nina’s Nook site for more information about the gallery.

Souvenir (Cheeto)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Cheeto, libido, treasure

Efficacious Ale (Label)

A co-worker, Andrew, is a serious home brewer. He occasionally commissions me to design labels for his beers.

Wayne Gagnon - Beer Label - Efficacious Ale

Note: This is actually a caricature of Andrew.

Souvenir (Popcorn)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Broken Tooth

Souvenir (Debt)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Debt, Fig Newton, Siren Song

Souvenir (Bike N Bread)

Back in 2012, as I was typing poems at a festival on the Granby (MA) Town Common I met Dorie Goldman selling her bread and other baked goods.   This was the first and only time our paths crossed.  I typed her a poem.  She gave me snacks. It was as short, sweet encounter.

Sadly and tragically, Dorie died in a hiking accident on January 26, 2015.  I don’t claim to know her.  However, I had the pleasure of meeting her. She made this world a better place.

Here is the poem I wrote for her that day on the common…

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir - Bike N Bread poem

Souvenir (Winter Flowers)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Winter Flowers

Flower Puppy

Wayne Gagnon - Art Card - Yellow Flower Puppy
Flower Puppy
2×3 inch, ink on scrap cardboard, digital color
©2015 Wayne Gagnon

Note: For Sue

Souvenir (Lawn)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Lawn Mow
NOTE: This poem was a challenge from my friend, Lori.

Souvenir (Traps)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Mouse Traps Bed

Trail Ride

Wayne Gagnon - Scrap Art - Trail Ride
Trail Ride
11 x 4.5 inch (approx)
Acrylic on Scrap Wood
©2015 Wayne Gagnon

Souvenir (Penance)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Penance, armadillo, amarillo,

Je Suis Charlie

Wayne Gagnon - Sketch Card - Je Suis Charlie

First Night Pony 2015

Wayne Gagnon - Sketch Card - First Night Pony 2015
First Night Pony 2015
2×3 inch, ink on scrap cardboard
©2015 Wayne Gagnon

Note: This sketch was done shortly after midnight on January 1, 2015.

Strauss and a Horse

Wayne Gagnon - Rubber Stamp - Horse
Ink on paper (Imprint of a stamp made from a Pink Pearl erasure)
2 x 1 inch (approx.)
©2015, Wayne Gagnon

NOTE: On New Years Day, I love to listen to the Vienna Philharmonic (live on NPR) while creating art. This starts my year off with a positive and creative vibe. For 2015, I made a stamp from a Pink Pearl erasure using a utility knife blade.  I used it later that day on a letterbox excursion.