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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Journal Page (05-21-2015)

Journal Page (05-21-2015)
3 x 5 inch (approx) on journal page
Bic 4-Color Ballpoint pens (Fashion colors & classic)
©2015 Wayne Gagnon

Note: Sitting at a show in a wonderfully gritty warehouse performance space in Worcester, MA listening to various groups including “Mail Myself to Thoreau.”  Roaming around the space was a three-legged dog.

Hats and Flowers

HatAndFlower1_WEB HatAndFlower2_WEB

HatAndFlower3_WEB HatAndFlower4_WEB
Hats and Flowers (1 through 4)
4 x 6 inch (each), ink on scrap cardboard boxes
©2015 Wayne Gagnon

NOTE: Nothing says “Thank You” like hand-drawn Wayne Gagnon sketch. These sketches are gifts for the 2015 graduating programmers and testers at UMass Amherst IT Computer Classrooms.