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What’s Up Granby #3

What’s Up Granby is a youtube (and channel 15 cable) program that highlights Granby, Massachusetts related things. One sunny spring day, I was interviewed by producer and host (and my friend) Andrea Kennedy. We had such a good time sipping vino and chatting. It’s about 44 minutes, so set aside some time and make some popcorn and get yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the conversation.

Further information about some of the comments in the video…

  • The Bully Hill wine we were drinking can be found here.
  • The popcorn poem can be found here.
  • A photo of my 1968 Hermes 3000 manual typewriter can be found here.
  • Information about “Dove” painting is here.
  • Google “Wayne Gagnon Souvenir“.
  • “Seahorse” painting and the “primal” painting of JC can be seen on my portraits page here.
  • I draw sketches on 2×3 inch cards. More info can be seen here.
  • Big yellow “Men Who Cook” road signs featuring Guido can be seen here.
  • “Barbershop Quartet” painting can be seen here.
  • Recycle Day banner/canvas can be seen here.



Wayne Gagnon - Gender Neutral icon
3×4 inches (approx), doodle in journal
Bic 4-Color Ballpoint pens (Fashion colors & classic)
©2016 Wayne Gagnon


Wayne Gagnon - Perfect - Painting, Kintsugi, flower
11×14 inches, Acrylic on canvas
©2016 Wayne Gagnon

(For Kathy)

Artist’s Note: Kintsugi, which means “golden joinery,” is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using lacquer from a tree mixed with fine gold dust. To this day, kintsugi pottery is a reminder that an object can far more beautiful and valuable if we embrace its cracks and imperfections. The same can be said about the beauty in people.

The Plan

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir Poem - Plan, lollygag, dilly-dally