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Bad Girlfriend (Beer Label)

Once again, Andrew, a serious home brewer, commissioned me to design a label for his latest batch.

Wayne Gagnon - Bad Girlfriend - Beer Label

Efficacious Ale (Label)

A co-worker, Andrew, is a serious home brewer. He occasionally commissions me to design labels for his beers.

Wayne Gagnon - Beer Label - Efficacious Ale

Note: This is actually a caricature of Andrew.

Strauss and a Horse

Wayne Gagnon - Rubber Stamp - Horse
Ink on paper (Imprint of a stamp made from a Pink Pearl erasure)
2 x 1 inch (approx.)
©2015, Wayne Gagnon

NOTE: On New Years Day, I love to listen to the Vienna Philharmonic (live on NPR) while creating art. This starts my year off with a positive and creative vibe. For 2015, I made a stamp from a Pink Pearl erasure using a utility knife blade.  I used it later that day on a letterbox excursion.

Gutter Boys Bowl-a-Thon

5th Annnual Gutter Boys Bowl-A-Thon for A Positive Place

Saturday, March 8, 2014, 1:00pm – 4:00 pm
at Spare Time Northampton and City Sports Grille
525 Pleasant Street, Northampton, Massachusetts

Wayne Gagnon - Sign - Gutter Boys Bowl-A-Thon, Bowling, A Positive Place
Bowl-A-Thon Sign, 3×2 foot, Acrylic on Plywood, ©2014 Wayne Gagnon

Three hours of fun, friendships and “fun”draising as we celebrate our 5th Annual Bowl-a-thon to raise much needed funds for our friends at A Positive Place (formerly AIDS Care of Hampshire County) by having a good time bowling. Registration will begin at 12:15pm with bowling from 1PM to 4PM. Registration is $20.00 per person.  If you need shoes for this event, they are included in your registration fee.  There will also be raffles and prizes for certain STRIKES (info will be explained at registration). (More info…)

A Positive Place formerly AIDS Care of Hampshire County
Spare Time Northampton and City Sports Grille

Two More Beer Labels

A co-worker, Andrew, is a serious home brewer. He occasionally commissions me to design labels for his beers.  He pays me in beer.

Wayne Gagnon - Beer Labels - Phat Fish Imperial Stout

NOTE: Andrew and I are fully aware that a whale is a mammal, not a fish.

Wayne Gagnon - Beer Label - Deez Nuts Brown Ale

Note: This is actually a caricature of Andrew.

2013 Dinosaur Festival

Wayne Gagnon - Poster - 2013 Granby Dinosaur Festival, Granby Massachusetts

Note: The dinosaur illustration in this poster is a 16×20 painting (2007, acrylic on canvas).

[More information about the festival]

Samichlaus Labels

A co-worker is a serious home beer brewer. He was working on a Samichlaus beer for Christmas 2013. He started the batch a year ago.

Samichlaus is one of the strongest lager beers in the world, at 14% alcohol by volume. The name means Santa Claus in Swiss German. — Wikipedia

He asked me to design his labels that would involve renaming the beer to Daddychlaus as well as include a crazy picture of him and his two sons.

Wayne Gagnon - Samichlaus Label

The fun part: He payed me in beer. GOTTA love the barter system!

Wayne Gagnon - Samichlaus Bottles

Wayne Gagnon 2011 Calendar (April)

Wayne Gagnon - April 2011 Calendar

Wayne Gagnon 2011 Calendar (March)

Wayne Gagnon 2011 Calendar (February)

[Wayne note: More calendar posts to come as the the year unfolds.]