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Here & Now (Lament)

Wayne Gagnon - Here and Now Poem, Lament, walk not taken

Two Men Kissing

Wayne Gagnon - Two Men Kissing
Two Men Kissing
4×6 inches, Ink on scrap cardboard
©2016 Wayne Gagnon

#TwoMenKissing #KeepKissing

Starry Winter Eve

Wayne Gagnon - Starry Winter Eve - Greeting card
Starry Winter Eve
4.25×5.5 inch, ink on paper, digital color
©2015 Wayne Gagnon

Note: Commissioned for a Holiday Party invitation

Journal Page (06-23-2015)

Wayne Gagnon - Journal Page - Four 4 Color Ballpoint Pen
Red Hat and Shoes (Journal Sketch, 06-23-2015)
3 x 5 inch (approx) on journal page
Bic 4-Color Ballpoint pens (Fashion colors & classic)
©2015 Wayne Gagnon

Strauss and a Horse

Wayne Gagnon - Rubber Stamp - Horse
Ink on paper (Imprint of a stamp made from a Pink Pearl erasure)
2 x 1 inch (approx.)
©2015, Wayne Gagnon

NOTE: On New Years Day, I love to listen to the Vienna Philharmonic (live on NPR) while creating art. This starts my year off with a positive and creative vibe. For 2015, I made a stamp from a Pink Pearl erasure using a utility knife blade.  I used it later that day on a letterbox excursion.

Mario Cuomo (1932-2015)

Wayne Gagnon - Mario Cuomo - four color ballpoint pen
Mario M. Cuomo
Bic 4-Color Ballpoint Pen on Discarded Paper
5 x 7 inch (approx.)
© 2008, Wayne Gagnon

This illustration was done in 2008.  It was part of a collection of NY governor portraits featured in The New York Times both in print and on the web.
See the collection at: A Readers’ Drawing Board of Governors

Scrap Art (Shall We Tango, My Dear?)

Wayne Gagnon - Scrap Art - Shall We Tango, My Dear?
Shall We Tango, My Dear?
4×5 inch (approx)
BIC 4-Color Ball Point Pen on doughnut box flap
©2014 Wayne Gagnon

Sympathy for a Stranger

Wayne Gagnon - Sympathy for a stranger

Sympathy for a Stranger
3×4 inches (approx), Bic 4-Color Ballpoint pens (Fashion colors & classic)
©2014 Wayne Gagnon

Bring on the Giraffes

Over the years I’ve created quite a few giraffes.  In the spirit of the latest Facebook Giraffe frenzy, I re-visit some of my giraffes.

Wayne Gagnon - Giraffe

Daisy Animals: Giraffe
acrylic on canvas
16 x 20 inch
©2006, Wayne Gagnon

Wayne Gagnon - Giraffe

22 x 28 inch, Acrylic on Canvas
private collection
©2010 Wayne A. Gagnon

Wayne Gagnon - Giraffe

Animal Set #3: Giraffe
acrylic on canvas
16 x 20 inch
©2006, Wayne Gagnon

Wayne Gagnon - Giraffe

Pink Giraffe
Bic Ballpoint Pen (Classic & Fashion Colors) in Sketchbook #36
(3.5×4.75 inch)
©2012 Wayne Gagnon

Wayne Gagnon - Giraffe

24 x 24 inch
acrylic on plywood
©2004 Wayne Gagnon

Two More Beer Labels

A co-worker, Andrew, is a serious home brewer. He occasionally commissions me to design labels for his beers.  He pays me in beer.

Wayne Gagnon - Beer Labels - Phat Fish Imperial Stout

NOTE: Andrew and I are fully aware that a whale is a mammal, not a fish.

Wayne Gagnon - Beer Label - Deez Nuts Brown Ale

Note: This is actually a caricature of Andrew.

2013 Dinosaur Festival

Wayne Gagnon - Poster - 2013 Granby Dinosaur Festival, Granby Massachusetts

Note: The dinosaur illustration in this poster is a 16×20 painting (2007, acrylic on canvas).

[More information about the festival]

Samichlaus Labels

A co-worker is a serious home beer brewer. He was working on a Samichlaus beer for Christmas 2013. He started the batch a year ago.

Samichlaus is one of the strongest lager beers in the world, at 14% alcohol by volume. The name means Santa Claus in Swiss German. — Wikipedia

He asked me to design his labels that would involve renaming the beer to Daddychlaus as well as include a crazy picture of him and his two sons.

Wayne Gagnon - Samichlaus Label

The fun part: He payed me in beer. GOTTA love the barter system!

Wayne Gagnon - Samichlaus Bottles

Hitched in Manly

Wayne Gagnon - Kangaroos

“Hitched in Manly”

by Wayne Gagnon
(for Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Sunday and Faith)

A Sheila and Bloke…
…met in the States.
Each is a spunk…
…and a corker as mates!

That Sheila and Bloke…
…got hitched down in Manly.
Bend an elbow for love…
…and the start of a family.

Then came ankle biters…
…like lollies, so sweet
This mob from Down Under…
…now seems quite complete.

Aussie Glossary:

Ankle biters – kids, children
Bend an elbow – drink, toast
Bloke – man
Corker – a really good thing
Down Under – Australia and New Zealand
Hitched – married
Lollies – candy
Manly – suburb of Sidney
Mates – friends
Mob – family
Sheila – woman
Spunk – good looking person


This poem and picture are being used by Tutu pour Mon Deux as part of a celebrity gifting package for Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and their lovely family.

Thank you Blair and Claire for their “translation” assistance.

Tammy’s AQHA Ranch Horse Schedule

Wayne Gagnon - Yankee Cowgirl

Granby, MA – Local Cowgirl Tammy Sapowsky is riding her awesome steed Bull (aka Haidas Olena) in the 2012 Pfizer Versatility Ranch Horse and AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championship.

Her competition number is 2163.

Here is her schedule of events. There is a live stream of all events at the AQHA website.

Thursday, March 1 @ 4 p.m. Texas time (5 p.m. eastern time)

Amateur Ranch Cutting (Results: Exciting 8-th place !!!)

Friday, March 2 @ 9 a.m. Texas time (10 a.m. eastern time)

Amateur Trail (Results: Spectacular 7-th place !!!)
Amateur Ranch Riding (Results: RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION !!!)

Saturday, March 3 @ 9 a.m. Texas time (10 a.m. eastern time)

Amateur Ranch Conformation (Results: SUPER 7-th place !!!)
Amateur Working Ranch (Results: Electric 8-th place !!!)

OVERALL: Exhilarating 8-th place !!!

More information…

Link to live stream
Springfield Republican article
American Quarter Horse Association site
Full schedule of events
Yankee Cowgirl

Yankee Cowgirl

Wayne Gagnon - Yankee Cowgirl

“Yankee Cowgirl”
by Wayne Gagnon
(For Tammy)

Cowgirl Tammy…
…heads down South…
…with faithful steed in tow.

She’ll show them how…
…the Yankees ride.
They’ll soon be eating crow.


My Cowgirl Sister Tammy is riding in the 2012 AQHA Pfizer Versatility Ranch Horse World Show March 1-3, 2012.