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Granby Dinosaur Statue

Wayne Gagnon - Dinosaur StatueWayne Gagnon - Dinosaur StatueWayne Gagnon - Dinosaur StatueWayne Gagnon - Dinosaur StatueWayne Gagnon - Dinosaur Statue

Granby Dinosaur Statue
Acrylic on Fiberglass Statue (4x3x8 foot approx)
©2013 Wayne Gagnon

Note from Wayne:

It took a lot of people to make this dinosaur project happen.  Thank you to Shaina Humphry for organizing this project.  She’s not just a supporter of the arts, she’s an advocate and promoter.

This statue was based off an earlier, smaller dinosaur.  (See More…)


If you are interested in seeing this one, it is located on Rt 202 (West State Street) at the Granby/South Hadley town line.  Other dinosaurs can be seen along route 202 in Granby, as well in front of The MacDuffie School on School Street in Granby.


12x8x12 inch (approx)
Acrylic on fiberglass
On display at Sapowsky Farms in Granby, MA (September 1-15, 2012)
Currently on display at the Polish National Credit Union in Granby, MA
©2012 Wayne Gagnon

UPDATE: This “tabletop” dinosaur was used as a study for the larger statue currently located at the Granby-South Hadley town line. (See more about the larger version…)

Wayne Gagnon - Dinosaur Statue

Dinos in the News

GRANBY – (excerpts from Masslive)

Church of Christ Congregational in Granby is sponsoring a Dinosaur Festival on Sept. 15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Granby Town Commons. Admission is free.

Granby artists Claudette Lambert Peterson, Wayne Gagnon, Jillian Nuggent, Marvina Brook, Elizabeth Teal, Alice Chouinard and Rachel Ciecko each decorate tabletop dinosaurs.

The statuettes will be displayed in local businesses in advance of the festival. On the day of the festival they will be auctioned off live on  at 1 p.m. at the Dinosaur Festival.

For information, contact Shaina Humphrey at (413) 530-9003 or shainah@comcast.net.

Dinosaur (study)
4 x 8.5 inch
Acrylic on scrap wood
©2012 Wayne Gagnon

“Why the hell aren’t you as rich and famous as you deserve to be?”
— Rick Mernane, singer-songwriter

wayne gagnon - Dinosaur at Sapowsky Farms Granby
Dinosaur enshrined at Sapowsky Farms, Granby, MA