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Nessun Dorma

Wayne Gagnon - Painting - Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma
12×24 inches, Acrylic on canvas
©2018 Wayne Gagnon

Artist note: Artist Note: This painting was inspired by Aretha Franklin singing “Nessun Dorma”

What’s Up Granby #3

What’s Up Granby is a youtube (and channel 15 cable) program that highlights Granby, Massachusetts related things. One sunny spring day, I was interviewed by producer and host (and my friend) Andrea Kennedy. We had such a good time sipping vino and chatting. It’s about 44 minutes, so set aside some time and make some popcorn and get yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the conversation.

Further information about some of the comments in the video…

  • The Bully Hill wine we were drinking can be found here.
  • The popcorn poem can be found here.
  • A photo of my 1968 Hermes 3000 manual typewriter can be found here.
  • Information about “Dove” painting is here.
  • Google “Wayne Gagnon Souvenir“.
  • “Seahorse” painting and the “primal” painting of JC can be seen on my portraits page here.
  • I draw sketches on 2×3 inch cards. More info can be seen here.
  • Big yellow “Men Who Cook” road signs featuring Guido can be seen here.
  • “Barbershop Quartet” painting can be seen here.
  • Recycle Day banner/canvas can be seen here.


June 26, 2015 !!!

Wayne Gagnon - Marriage equality

Yay for the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution!!!

T-Shirt (Pub Crawl for Charity)

Wayne Gagnon - Pub Crawl, School Bus, Charity Event

T-Shirt design for a November 2014 charity event starting in Granby, MA.

Nick and Jen

Wayne Gagnon - Sketch - Nick and Jenn - Wedding, bride, groom

Souvenir Journal (September 26-28, 2014)

For the last weekend of September, 2014, some friends and I (and a couple of dogs) went to Provincetown, MA. I kept a journal/scrapbook. (more…)

Sketches of The Cape (2014)

Plein air sketching on beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts…

Wayne Gagnon - Sketchbook - Truro, Cape Cod, Ma

Truro No. 1
4.25 by 5 inches (approx), in sketchbook,
Bic 4-Color Ballpoint pens (Fashion colors & classic)
©2014 Wayne Gagnon

Wayne Gagnon - Sketchbook - Provincetown, Cape Cod, Ma

4.25 by 5 inches (approx), in sketchbook,
Bic 4-Color Ballpoint pens (Fashion colors & classic)
©2014 Wayne Gagnon

Wayne Gagnon - Sketchbook - Truro, Cape Cod, Ma

Truro No. 2
4.25 by 5 inches (approx), in sketchbook,
Bic 4-Color Ballpoint pens (Fashion colors & classic)
©2014 Wayne Gagnon

Souvenir (Trough)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir - Pig Trough Poem

Souvenir (Festivity)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir - Festivity poem

Sketching in P-Town 2012

Wayne Gagnon - Sketching in P-Town 2012

Sketching on a sunny August day in Provincetown, MA. This, my friends, is living the dream.

Souvenir (bike-bread, dance)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir - Bike N Bread poem

Note from Wayne: While typing poems (using my Smith Corona Galaxie Twelve) at the 2012 Granby Dinosaur Festival, two lovely ladies influenced these two poems.

Another note from Wayne: Lately, I’ve been using my Hermes 3000 Typewriter for “Souvenir.”  It’s been going quite well.

Souvenir (Soup & Ship)

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir - Soup

Wayne Gagnon - Souvenir - Ship

A Place for Poetry

My place for poetry has the energy of the locations and people and experiences in my world. One cannot buy this kind of energy.

Wayne Gagnon - A Place for Poetry

  • Annie gave me her mom’s Hermes 3000 typewriter.  This is the same model as Jack Kerouac’s last typewriter.
  • Pat gave me the Smith Corona Galaxie 12 typewriter in the case under desk. This machine will be used for Poetry on the Common at the 2012 Dinosaur Festival in Granby, MA. *
  • Michelle gave me a dismantled shelf system for the make-shift desktops.
  • Terri gave me the Samsonite suitcase holding up the left part of the desk.
  • Alice (my mom) gave me the Joyce Lane suitcase under the desk.   When not being used as a shelf, I use when busking my little sketches.
  • Sam (my son) and I found the oak TV stand (free) at a tag sale.  “You can always use one of these,” he said.
  • The chair is from my first apartment in Bedford, Ma, circa 1987.
  • The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary belongs to Dan (my son).
  • The Random House Webster’s Pocket Rhyming Dictionary was purchased at a library book sale in Brewster, MA on a family vacation.
  • The white pencil has a bittersweet story that I’d rather not share right now.
  • The marble notebook is from Center Pharmacy in Granby, Ma.  As a child, I rode my bike there to get candy for me and milk for the familiy (and, yes, cigarettes for my dad).
  • The Bic 4-Color Ballpoint Pen was purchased at Adams Pharmacy, Provincetown, MA on a summer 2012 trip with three of my best-est friends.
  • The reading glasses had a previous life as my sunglasses.  They spent hours and days and weeks and years seeing and experiencing the world.
  • There is a stack of blank 8.5 x 11 paper containing poems yet to be written.

* I’m excited that I created a world where I use (and NEED) more than one Typewriter!

Neil Armstrong (RIP)

Wayne Gagnon - Neil Armstrong

One Small Step
Bic Four-Color Ballpoint Pen
(2.5×3.5 inch approx)
©2012 Wayne Gagnon

July 20, 2012

…I find it impossible to accept…
…that everything…
…is part of a universal plan.